1. Scanning + Typing Service
  2. Scan & Organise Document Service
  3. Typing Service for Teachers, Researches, Commercial Contracts, Agreements and etc.
  4. 华文【简体】打字服务

{Type/Scan to Word, Excel or PDF files}

in A4 size Content only

[You can send us your Scan Copied or Draft thru Email]

☛ & Completed file will Return to you by Email

X [We Do Not Accept USB Thumbdrive]

Previous Job Samples below

{Basic Black & White Artwork Service}

{Mathamatics Assesments}


{Religious Books}

{Chinese Typing}

{TextBook Notes}

Samples for Letters/Documents/Reports are not Shown here
[As All Documents are kept Private & Confidential]

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{FaceBook} By appointments only

+ Separate Charge S$20.00 for Transport

{Collect & Return your Documents}

-Payment method-

Fund Transfer before proceed

Prices Quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD$)

Last update: August 16, 2018